Maths Practise

Maths Practise


What some of the parents and schools had to say.

Our son has shown great improvement even though we initially doubted that 10 minutes a day would make a difference. He is no longer hesitant in practicing his maths because he can see the difference himself.

One of the best value for money programs that we have bought for our children. I feel that it is helping our child learn, it is practical and a pleasant change from computer games.

The ability to test students either by producing worksheets or directly from the software is of great value. Our senior classes can now simulate real test conditions with this software. We have flexibility in changing the difficulty and duration of the tests, which we find very useful.
R.V. Primary School

This fits right into our maths curriculum and is a tremendously helpful tool. We have recommended it to parents as a practical homework activity for our students.
L. Primary School

A valuable software program that is easy to use. It provides us with measurable outcomes and helps occupy our children with relevant activities. The students love it.
M. State School

Product Overview (Young Einstein Mathematics)

‘Maths Practice’ software works by exposing the child to repetitive exercises which facilitate cognitive learning. Exercises that are provided are based on the existing maths curriculum and represent the known learning difficulty areas. With over 330 activities in the school versions, there are activities that are applicable for every students needs.

The software is divided into the appropriate year levels 1 to 6. It is further subdivided into components like space, chance and data, measurement and a variety of general numeracy components including multiplication tables, addition, subtraction, fractions and many more miscellaneous topics. Within these areas there are multiple different activities that reinforce key learning components.

The software is versatile by providing varying difficulty levels and the ability to customise certain parameters to make it relevant for the child’s immediate and personal needs.

Reporting is provided at both the immediate activity level, and also by tracking ongoing and historical trends. This enables educators to determine where there are stumbling blocks, and it also provides constructive feedback that clearly shows positive trends in the various graphs. Historic reports and graphs can be viewed from the ‘View History’ option. Detailed activity results which shows every question and answer, can be viewed only after the activity is completed from the ‘View Results’ option.

All modules provide encouraging feedback on each answer in either visual or audible format. Comprehensive instructions are provided for each activity to guide and explain how to attempt the module.

In addition to difficulty levels, Young Einstein Mathematics can be also be used for testing and timed activities. All modules can be set up based on a fixed number of questions or a preset time limit for the activity (school site license editions only). To maximise leaning outcomes, it is recommended that multiple activities should be attempted daily and set to approx 10 minute intervals. This ensures that the child can stay focused on the work at hand.

By default, questions used in the software are all random, meaning that the child can not rely on memorising the sequence of answers from the last attempt. In the school edition there is however, a facility to repeat the exact same sequence of random numbers if desired. This is useful for testing multiple students in a classroom environment by benchmarking them all against the same questions.

Customisation of the software is divided into 2 areas. The student can customise parameters relevant to their immediate environment, whereas the administration has amongst other features the facility to lock and restrict student changes.

School Software Sales

‘Maths Practice’ software can be purchased directly from Maths Practice P/L. An ‘evaluation only’ copy can be downloaded from the web.

Software purchase is only available as an ‘Extended Site License’. As part of the license agreement, software can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs at the nominated site, and can also be freely distributed to all full time students and staff for personal use at home.

Activities to suit years 1 to 6 are all included and bundled together under the one license agreement. Unlike some software, where you need to buy multiple versions to cater for various year levels or even activities, ‘Maths Practice’ offers all these integrated in one combined application.

Licenses are based on a 3 year renewable period.

(Official school purchase order or payment is required prior to shipment. Credit card transactions are not supported at this stage. Mail Payment to Maths Practice P/L)

Small School Discounts

Discounts are available for smaller schools to compensate for lower usage of site license capacity.
The discounts available are as follows and require verifiable enrolment numbers to be supplied:
10% discount is available to schools who can verify previous years enrolments of under 100 students.
25% discount is available to schools who can verify previous years enrolments of under 50 students.
Schools with split campuses might be ineligible for these discounts depending on their geographic locations. Discounts are based on the RRP and are not available in conjunction with other discounting offers.
Discounts only apply to the Complete Site License edition and not to individual componenets.

Student Sales

Only pay for what you need. Check if your school has a site license first. In situations where schools do not have a site license, students can purchase their own copy.

Licenses are based on a 3 year renewable period. View the details page for a complete list of modules and check the “What’s New” section for upcoming modules and functionality.

Helper Series Sales

The Helper Series contains 5 separate software titles. Each title contains a small subset of the full version.

No registration process is required and licenses are not restricted in duration. View the details page for a complete list of modules and check the “What’s New” section for upcoming modules and functionality.

Value Added Services

Support for installation or configuration is available during office hours at no charge.
Bulk Pre Keyed CD media.
Bulk CD media for student home study use is available at a discounted price if minimum volume quantities are met. This can be co-ordinated for school book lists, provided sufficient time is allowed for production and delivery. Costs are $7.00 per media set plus a one-off $15.00 delivery charge. Minimum order of 20 units applies. All software is ‘pre-keyed’ to the school’s license details and bypasses the installation registration process when installed in the home environment. The school name is retained on all output.

Additional Media.
Maths Practice is shipped with one copy of the media. If additional media sets are required, they can be purchased for $10.00 each.
Key regeneration.
If you lose your serial key, it can only be replaced when complete details of the initial purchase are provided. Serial Keys are based on the School name that was used, commencement date and version numbers. As such, without all three of these items, new keys can not be generated.

Maths Software Customisation.
The maths software can be customised to suit a school’s specific needs. This could be as simple as changing colour schemes, adding personalised maps or backgrounds, changing parameters in modules or even adding a specific module or catering for special needs by increasing font sizes or adding audio questions. Costs are based on the amount of work required, the potential for reusability and are provided as a fixed quote.
Software development is an expensive exercise and it is always worth while asking user groups and associates to join together to make a project viable.

We can provide the service as the existing software is modular based, allowing for ease of new or alternative component integration. If you have specific demands its worth discussing it with us first.

Documentation is extensive. It includes recommendations for network setup, administrative rights and privileges that should be applied when installing on school networks. In addition recommendations on how to structure tutorial work is included.

Students & School Educational Software Product Range

Fraction Helper includes adding fractions, subtracting fractions, multiplying factions, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and a host more.
Tables & Conversions
Table Helper, the essential software for all kids. Include is the standard times tables, long multiplication, division, mixed sums, BODMAS, analogue to digital time and a lot more.
Addition & Subtraction
Addition Helper. Practice adding and subtracting in various ways. Add 2,3 or 4 multiple lines, simple cross addition, volume addition and the introduction of other operators plus lots more.
Space, Order & Chance
Various maths activities including measuring shapes, perimeters and areas, grid maps, number order, spinning wheel chance BODMAS order and more.
Measurement & Money
Vital real life examples to practice shopping, giving change or writing cheques. Measure shapes and graphs or try estimating outcomes.
Standard default features
All the Maths Practice Helper series come with 15 dedicated modules on the topics and 5 additional games. Print out certificates and reports on your results, or print graphs of your progress. Various levels of difficulty can be configured to make this student software challenging and relevant for everyone.

A lot more than just the complete Helper series combined. This includes 250 activities, many of which have been added since the Helper Series was launched in 2004. All the modules with all reporting and results integrated together. As used in schools throughout Australia, providing greater customisation and functionality. This version requires a serial key and can be personalised for all family members.

Network compatible, with separated administrator security. Extended Site License allows unlimited installations and usage by students at home. School editions cover over 330 different activities, all providing a new set of questions each time. Obviously site licenses come with helpdesk support.

Parents – If you are considering personalised tutoring why not try this first. At a fraction of the cost of ongoing tutoring, this software provides many of the learning and practical exercises that are vital to your child’s development. Chances are that some of the tutoring services and education providers are already using this software anyway

Maths practice software was designed to assist a broad base of students at various levels of competency. The original math software was bundled together and only sold as a school site license. However, this does disadvantage students who need assistance in specific numeracy components but were not enrolled to a licensed school.

We now also have a student license version. It has 250 of the 330 modular activities, however some administrative functions are not available.

School Extended Site Licenses covering all modules are also available. Schools who have purchased the software under the Extended Site License, can distribute it to all their full time students for personal usage at home.

Students wishing to purchase their own full copy of the software can download the latest version from the web and try it before you buy it.