‘Maths Practice’ respects and understands the rights of privacy of information provided via the internet. As such the following guidelines are adhered to on for all interactions.

1. Credit Card Transactions
‘Maths Practice’ does not process banking and credit card information and as such we do not gain or obtain credit card details. Transactions are processed by an approved banking gateway and we only provide the gateway a total dollar amount and a email address for notification of transaction processing and outcome. As such credit card processing is handled by the banks approved credit card gateway provided and not ‘Maths Practice’. We consequently do not receive details about the credit cards or holders.

2. Email Addresses
‘Maths Practice’ does not provide email details to 3rd parties with the exception of bank processing notifications.

3. Cookies
‘Maths Practice’ does not use or download cookies to the clients PCs.

4. Storage of Information
‘Maths Practice’ does not store any client information on the internet or web servers.

5. Disclosure of Information
‘Maths Practice’ will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals.

6. Sales and Inquiry Information
Clients who email us for general information will have their contact details removed from our records at the completion of the inquiry process.
Clients who purchase software will be retained on our internal systems, while they have a valid license agreement in place.

7. Refunds
‘Maths Practice’ has an open ‘Try Before You Buy’ facility and temporary serial keys can be provided for the client to evaluate the products beforehand. Refunds for software purchases are not available once the serial keys have been issued to the client.