Maths Practise

Maths Practise

Students & School Educational Software Product Range

Fraction Helper includes adding fractions, subtracting fractions, multiplying factions, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and a host more.
Tables & Conversions
Table Helper, the essential software for all kids. Include is the standard times tables, long multiplication, division, mixed sums, BODMAS, analogue to digital time and a lot more.
Addition & Subtraction
Addition Helper. Practice adding and subtracting in various ways. Add 2,3 or 4 multiple lines, simple cross addition, volume addition and the introduction of other operators plus lots more.
Space, Order & Chance
Various maths activities including measuring shapes, perimeters and areas, grid maps, number order, spinning wheel chance BODMAS order and more.
Measurement & Money
Vital real life examples to practice shopping, giving change or writing cheques. Measure shapes and graphs or try estimating outcomes.
Standard default features
All the Maths Practice Helper series come with 15 dedicated modules on the topics and 5 additional games. Print out certificates and reports on your results, or print graphs of your progress. Various levels of difficulty can be configured to make this student software challenging and relevant for everyone.

A lot more than just the complete Helper series combined. This includes 250 activities, many of which have been added since the Helper Series was launched in 2004. All the modules with all reporting and results integrated together. As used in schools throughout Australia, providing greater customisation and functionality. This version requires a serial key and can be personalised for all family members.

Network compatible, with separated administrator security. Extended Site License allows unlimited installations and usage by students at home. School editions cover over 330 different activities, all providing a new set of questions each time. Obviously site licenses come with helpdesk support.

Parents – If you are considering personalised tutoring why not try this first. At a fraction of the cost of ongoing tutoring, this software provides many of the learning and practical exercises that are vital to your child’s development. Chances are that some of the tutoring services and education providers are already using this software anyway

Maths practice software was designed to assist a broad base of students at various levels of competency. The original math software was bundled together and only sold as a school site license. However, this does disadvantage students who need assistance in specific numeracy components but were not enrolled to a licensed school.

We now also have a student license version. It has 250 of the 330 modular activities, however some administrative functions are not available.

School Extended Site Licenses covering all modules are also available. Schools who have purchased the software under the Extended Site License, can distribute it to all their full time students for personal usage at home.

Students wishing to purchase their own full copy of the software can download the latest version from the web and try it before you buy it.

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