Installation Assistance

Installation assistance is provided to schools that have purchased the software. The support is limited to school setups and does not cover a student at home where they are taking advantage of the extended site agreement.

Phone assistance can be provided during normal working hours, however it has been shown that on most occasions, installation is simple and well documented. Please read through the recommended setup procedures in the documentation provided prior to ringing for support.

Due to the varying setup and network configurations at schools, it would greatly assist if a technical representative with network access privileges instigates the enquiry. A network setup is by far the most effective way to distribute the software and handle updates or upgrades. Therefore dealing with a representative who can make the necessary network changes will expedite the matter.

Email enquires are welcome to

Software Updates

Software updates may be available for the current release version. If you are running the current version, you can download the software update and install it.

Fault Report Form

If you’re experiencing a problem with our software, please fill out and submit the following fault report form.

When you submit your fault report, it will be reviewed and a priority allocated. Minor faults will be rectified with the next release whereas a major fault will be attended to for immediately.

Please keep in mind that even a minor typing or grammar mistake should be reported as children exposed to cognitive learning could incorrectly absorb this.

Please be as specific as possible when describing the problem.